A shopkeeper bought an article for rs 360. The profit made by the shopkeeper after selling it after 11×1/9% discount is rs 40. Find the marked price (in rs)of the article.

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  1. p * (1 - (11 + 1/9)/100) = 360 + 40

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  2. C.p.=360, profit = 40(given)
    S.p.= 360+40= 400
    Let marked price is x,
    Discount =(100/9% of x)= x/9

    Price after discount will be selling price of the article.


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  3. a shopkeeper purchased a television Rs 5600 from a dealer at 5percent discount and sold at a profit of 10 precent .if he/she had sold it at 5percent discount,find the marked price .

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  4. yes

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