A physician ordered 1 L of D-10-1/2 NS to infuse over 10 hours. How many grams of Dextrose would the patient receive per hour?

I answer like this
D10 = 10g/100 ml
1 L= 1000 mL
10 g/100 mL= x/ 1000 mL
100x= 1000x10
x= 10,000/100
x= 100 g over 10 hours

100g/10 hr = x/1 hr
10x= 100
x= 10 g per hr
please let me know if I did right.

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  1. I sure hope that doctor is more familiar with the metric system than the question shows

    A litre (L) is a measure of volume
    A gram is a measure of mass
    I sure hope they meant a ml instead of gram

    so we infuse 1000 ml in 10 hours
    ---> 100 ml per hour

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  2. or, if you really do want grams, figure how many grams of dextrose are in 100ml of the solution

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