Describe a scenario where you expect a set of data to have
A.) a large standard deviation
B.) a small standard deviation

The prize for winning a contest can be chosen from category a or category b. Prizes from category a have a mean of $1000 and a standard deviation of $50. Prizes from category b have a mean of $1000 and a standard deviation of $300. Describe an advantage of each prize category.

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  1. A large standard deviation occurs when the data has a large spread of data points.

    This might happen with the heights of students in grades K - 12

    A small standard deviation might be the heights of students in grade K.

    b) will have both larger prize amounts than a and smaller prize amounts than a.

    400 700 1000 1300 1600

    a) 900 950 1000 1050 1100
    See what is happening? Now, can you answer the question?

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