1. After getting married, what did the master do?
- He moved into a bigger house.

2. What is the master going to do for Chuchu?
- He is going to take care of the pet.

3. When did the master lose Chuchu?
- He lost Chuchu when they went out for a walk.

4. What happened to Chuchu at an animal shelter?
- A lady wanted to take him home with her.

5. Where did Chuchu meet his old master?
- He met his old master in/on the subway. (Do we have to use 'in' or 'on'?)

6. Why didn't Chuchu stay calm?
- It was because Chuchu felt his old master was so close to him.
Would you check the questions and answers and correct any errors?

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  1. #5: "on" the subway
    #6: it would be better to say that the pet missed his old master.

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