I am writing a short monologue on a person who chooses not to believe in any religion, but its back in when religion was not an option, in greece in like 300 BCE How can it improve, what can I add?

Why do we act this way? Us humans, worshiping immortals and changing our ways to please them. Should I believe this nonsense? To be dragged around by this religion! Its unbelievable. I don’t have control of my actions or even my way of life. When I do something wrong why does that cause the gods to punish me or make me ill? Why don’t other Athenians feel this way? It’s absurd! I want to and I will be able to run my own life, so I will rebel! Against all the believers and their troubled minds! Show them that no longer should we be slaves to these gods. Pushed around by a fake idea… disgusting. As a child belief was so simple, it explained life to me. Everyone needs their minds to grow up just as their bodies. Grow up as I have, with a new understanding.

You might give several examples of Greeks who defied the gods and "look what happened to them".... Poor Midas. That would make the speech more fun. It would also give it more credibility.

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asked by lizzie

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