which would be the most likely forms that you would consider using within the next year? What personal advantages or disadvantages would prompt your decision?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT your question is unclear. When you refer to "forms" to what exactly are you referring?

It seems, then, that you have two choices -- renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Which do you think you would consider using? Why? Please post your answer, and we'll be glad to comment on it.

any form of energy i.e. renewable energy

Cross word puzzle: question is The reflection of sound waves. Starts with a "v" and only 4 boxes.

Crossword puzzle. Question is the reflection of sound waves. Starts with a "v" and only 4 letters.

i am needing help with alot of stuff with Columb's Law ..the equations are getting me stuck..can anyone help?

i need help on questions in physical science. one of the questions is,

determine the product denoted by X in the following alpha decay.

212 A 4
86 RH------>Z X +2 He

Are you sure about the first word being a "V"? The word that comes to mind would be "echo".

What has atomic number 84?

atomic number 84 is polonium

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  1. 212 A
    86RN Z x+4He

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  2. radioactive decay

    212 RN----Azx----4He
    86 2

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  3. An archaeologist finds an old piece of wood. The carbon-12 to carbon-14 ratio 1/16 the ratio measured in a newly fallen tree. Estimate the age of the piece of wood

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