Language Arts

Matt hiked the trail yesterday. It made him tired.

Which sentence combines the two sentences using a gerund phrase?

A- hiking the trail yesterday made Matt tired
B- Matt hiked the trail and it made him tired. My answer
C-It made Matt tired to hike the trail yesterday
D- Matt was tired after hiking the trail yesterday

I'm confused about this question. I've seen both the answers A and D chosen but I'm not sure which one is correct.

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  1. Ahhh, you're correct. A and D are both correct.

    In A, the gerund phrase is the subject.
    In D, the gerund phrase is the object of the preposition "after."

    If you can choose only one, you should contact your teacher first!

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  2. these are the answers to lesson 6 unit 3 third read the drive in movies. i only know some so i hope this helps.
    these answers are completely right i took the test so ik hoped i helped thx.

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