what computers can do?what computers cannot do?what are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?what are the roles of computer in the society?

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  1. Computers can be used to communicate with others, and to search for information. You are using a computer to try to get someone else to do your work and thinking for you. One of the disadvantages of computers is that they do not help you learn, when used in that manner.

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  2. Computer can do what ever you tell it to do. The way you tell computer is by a set of instructions which are called programming language. The advantage of computer is that it do things fast then people. The disadvantage is that it can not think. If you give the wrong instructions, it will do the wrong thing.
    The role of computer in the society is, in my opinion, it's efficiency and automatize the tasks for human.

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  3. Four uses ICT of Timing and control

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