Of Mice and Men (CHECK!)

1. What does Lennie threaten to do if George doesn't want him anymore?

a. kill a girl
b. run back to Aunt Clara's
c. live in the brush
d. live in a cave

A: d

2. What does Lennie get when George tells him to get wood for the fire?

a. a mouse
b. a rabbit
c. a cold
d. a cave

A: a

3. What does Lennie kill at the beginning of the novel?

a. a girl
b. rabbit
c. midget
d. mouse

A: d

4. Why did George and Lennie run away from Weed?

a. George hurt a girl
b. Lennie ripped a girl's dress
c. Lennie a girl
d. Lennie killed a girl

A: b.

5. What did Slim give to Lennie?

a. a mouse
b. a puppy
c. a dog
d. a job

A: b.

6. Why do the guys want to kill Candy's dog?

a. He is old
b. He bites people
c. He can't have puppies
d. He won't listen

A: a.

7. Why does Crooks let Lennie into his room?

a. He can't stand people
b. He likes Lennie
c. He just wants company
d. He hates Curley

A: c.

8. What is Lennie compares to throughout the novel?

a. dog
b. rabbit
c. mouse
d. George

A: a

9. What gave Lennie rubber mice?

a. George
b. Candy
c. Aunt Clara
d. The Boss

A: c.

10. Why does Curley threaten Lennie?

a. Because he is jealous his wife likes Lennie
b. Because he hates short guys
c. Because he hates " guys"
d. Because he hated big guys

A: d

11. Why does Crook taunt Lennie about George not coming back?

a. He wants Lennie to understand how it feels to be alone
b. He doesn't like Lennie
c. He doesn't like George
d. He hates "Them guys"

A: a.

12. When George leaves Lennie and goes to town, George is being--

a. Irresponsible
b. Loyal
c. Friendly
d. Understanding

A: a.

13. What can we assume about Crook's childhood?

a. Someone stole his dog
b. Someone took his land
c. Someone broke his back
d. Someone sold him to the boss

A: d

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