Review the experienced teacher’s lesson plan in Figure 3.3 on p. 78 of the text.

Write a 200- to 300-word response by adding more detail to the experienced teacher’s
lesson plan:
o Provide ideas for motivating students.
o Create question prompts.
o Suggest methods for evaluating the lesson’s objective.
• Answer the following question: What makes a lesson plan effective?

The following is what they are talking about.....

Figure 3.3 An Experienced Teacher’s Lesson Plan
Subject: Math
Objectives: Measure, draw, define rectangle, square, perimeter. Use formula to find
Materials: Guinea pig cage (for motivation), ruler, shapes
1. Motivation: Use cage with guinea pig!
2. Introduce L.W. Use cage.
3. Have students draw; observe.
4. Define rectangle, square.
5. Have students find P of cage.
6. Explain formula.
7. Have students practice using shapes.
8. Evaluate objectives.


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asked by dawn
  1. o Provide ideas for motivating students.
    Let's decorate the guinea pig's cage.

    o Create question prompts.
    Would you like to put a ribbon around it?
    How much ribbon do we need?
    Who wants to measure the cage to find out how much ribbon we need?

    o Suggest methods for evaluating the lesson’s objective.
    Check students' drawings of squares.
    and rectangles. Tell them to outline the perimeter in red crayon or marker.

    • Answer the following question: What makes a lesson plan effective?
    What do you think, Dawn?

  2. The way a teacher plans and carries out the lessons makes it effective.

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    posted by dawn
  3. That is all I can think of but I know there are more. HELP!!

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    posted by dawn
  4. To make a plan truly effective you need involvement. The students often like to work in two's, three's or four's. When they are working in groups it's best to try to have 1 excellent student, 1 slow student and 2 in the middle. If the group gets a group score they will all be bringing the slow student up to standard. Each student needs to understand what to do, keep on task and see the results. Working interactively can increase the noise level at first, but as long as you can see they are all keeping to the task, it's worth it!

    Usually I did one example for all, explaining as I went. Then students explained the next time what I did and one brave student would do it and explain it all alone. This made it surer that everyone understood what to do.

    Good luck! Don't be afraid to be creative, within the structure. Each group make have a different makeup and it won't take long to see what works best.


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