A Middle Eastern restaurant recorded the number of times 2 dinner appetizers, hummus and baba ghanoush, were ordered every day for 1 month. The restaurant calculated the mean number of times each appetizer was ordered and the MAD (mean absolute deviation) for each appetizer.

Appetizer Orders sold
Mean MAD
Hummus 24.3 3.1
Baba ghanoush 11.5 2.9

Which statement best describes the overlap in the distribution of the two data sets?

The overlap is high because both means are greater than either MAD.

The overlap is high because the sum of the means is large compared to the MAD.

The overlap is low because the difference in the MADs is small.

The overlap is low because the difference in the means is large compared to either MAD.

I think it is D

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  1. What is the means-to-MAD ratio of the two data sets, expressed as a decimal?

    Data set Mean Mean absolute deviation (MAD)
    1 10.3 1.6
    2 12.7 1.5

    My Answer: 1.5

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