the disney golf classic starts with 64 golfers. the golfers form pairs and each pair plays a match. the losers drop out and the winners of each pair then form new pairs and play again. then those winners form pairs and play. this continues until there is one winner. in how many matches must the winner play?how many matches are played by all the golfers to determine the winner?

64 -> 32 in the first round
32 -> 16 in the second round
16-> 8 in the third round
8 -> 4 in the fourth round
4-> 2 in the semifinals
2-> 1 in the finals

There are a total of six rounds and the winnner must win in each of them.

The total number of matches is 32 + 16 + ... + 2 + 1. Add them up

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  1. 63

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  2. Yes thank you now I can finaly do my sunshine math:):) thank you so much

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  3. that's so hard thank you

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  4. 11

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  5. 63

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  6. 63

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  7. The winning player will play at 6 matches

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