help wit my analysis

In “What is poverty” Jo Goodwin Parker uses an expository essay to define the realities that she faces. She believes poverty can’t be described by the lack of food, clothing, shelter, housing or water. Nor does she think it’s a statistical measure. She thinks the level of family income minimizes the impact physically and psychologically. Parker uses vivid descriptions to show the impoverished conditions that exist. Gnats, flies, worms, and maggots show the unbearable living conditions. The basic struggle is to keep healthy. The children have “worms, they have infections, they have pink-eye.” It’s a constant struggle since she can’t afford medical care or medicine. Finally, Parker shows the psychological pain that she experiences. Getting help is a humiliating process. Government agencies are often full of hypocrisy. Having to prove over and over that she is impoverished has its costs. According to parker “Poverty is an acid that drips on pride until all pride is worn away. Poverty is a chisel that chips on honor until honor is worn away.” Parker’s main point is poverty creates an environment where basic needs such as health, safety, and security are unmet.

i was suppose to tell why its a expository essay

provide 3 examples

Not sure if i did enough analysis though or fleshed out why It is expository?

Its expository cause it explains what poor means to her, and rich descriptions are used to support it ?

you tell me?

I got more coming :)

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  1. oh, we get 3 points for telling why its expository

    3 for three examples of support

    1 title
    1 author

    2 for mainpoint

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  2. hows it look >?

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  3. What is the main characters tone in the short story what is poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker

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