1. All fungi are


2. What structure is missing in the fungal hypae shown on the right side of Figure 21-5?

~cell walls
~cross walls

3. Which of the following is true of fungi?

~Like plants, they carry out photosynthesis
~Like some prokaryotes, they are autotrophic
~Like animals, they lack cell walls
~Like protists, they are eukaryotic

4. A mushroom is a

~fruitng body

5. In a mycorrhizal relationship, what benefit does the plant get from the fungus?

~an energy source
~aid in seed dispersal
~products of photosynthesis
~aid in the absorption of water and minerals

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  1. Did you get the answers?

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  2. b,c,b,b,d

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  3. Harley is 100% correct!

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  4. yes is right

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  5. wow i finally found a response that is not a long time ago with a date. It actually says 33 minutes. I feel so happy at this. oh and yes is correct.

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