1)Lisbon is to Portugal as _____________ is to Cameroon.

2)Hispaniola and Barbados are islands in this body of water.

..... I need a lot of help with ^. To me these don't make any sense at all.
Thanks for all your help.........

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asked by Elenny
  1. 1) Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. What do you think you should put in the blank??

    2) Check this site.

  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    1. Since Lisboa (Lisbon) is the capital of Portugal, you need Yaoundé which is the capital of Cameroon.

    2. Caribbean.

    If this is a class of GEO, or geography, of course this will make no sense without an atlas, a globe, a map.


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  3. south

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    posted by Jermey

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