The pressure of the earth's atmosphere at sea level is 14.7 lb/in2. What is the pressure when expressed in kg/m2? (2.54 cm = 1 in., 2.205 lb = 1 kg)
2.62×102 kg/m2
5.02×104 kg/m2
4.30×10-3 kg/m2
2.09×10-2 g/m2
1.03×104 kg/m2

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  1. 14.7lbs/in^2 = (14.7lbs/in^2)(454g/lb)(1x10^-3Kg/g)(0.155in^2/cm^2)(1x10^4cm^2/m^2) = 1.03x10^4kg/m2

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  2. 1.03×104 kg/m2

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  3. Why even bother, all this work seems like an alien language. Bye...... 2*2=4

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