Where is most of the surface water on earth found?

a) as freshwater in rivers
b) as frozen water near the pole
c) as groundwater under the surface
d) as salt water in oceans

I think its either A or D.
Am I correct?

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  1. i had that same test with 5 questions
    the answers are
    1.Witch term best describes the main process in the water cycle the answer is C
    2. were is the most of the surface water on earth found the correct answer is D
    3.witch part of the results in the items shown in the following image the correct answer is C
    4. witch part is NOT needed to make a model of the water cycle D
    5.witch if the following explains why water is a limited resource the correct answer is A
    'the order is C D C DA

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  2. Thanks lilly

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  3. thanks lilly

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  4. xd

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  5. ugly god xd

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  6. !!!!!!THANKS!!!!

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  7. OMG!!! I got 100%!!! thank guys so much!!!

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  8. Dose water ever just go away

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