Grade 3 students: need your help.. Thanks

I read the story "the Country Mouse and the City mouse" to a small group of students. I then asked them to list how the country mouse and the city mouse are alike and how they are different. They fully understand the meaning of the words alike and different; however, they are having trouble identifying similarities and differences. What guided questions could I give them that will help them to find more similarities and differences between the country and the city mouse... Thanks for your help

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asked by Martha
  1. Using the details in the story and this final sentence, you could ask the children about the different food eaten by each of the mice at home.

    "The little Country Mouse looked at the trap, and he looked at the cheese, and he looked at the little City Mouse. "If you'll excuse me," he said, "I think I will go home. I'd rather have barley and grain to eat and eat it in peace and comfort, than have brown sugar and dried prunes and cheese,--and be frightened to death all the time!"

    What does the country mouse eat at home?
    What does the city mouse eat at home?
    Why did the country mouse want to go home?

  2. Oh -- and similarities. Did the country mouse like the city mouse's food?

  3. hi ,i just wanted to ask that where can i get some projects based on social studies,,,

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