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I noticed that the people who asked for questions that need help with spanish have not been answered..when people who have asked questions after them have already..this concerns me that the people on this website help with the subjects they know and don't attempt to help anyone else with subjects they don't know.

Parts of your question MAY have merit but I want to address the last part. Do you REALLY want us to help if don't know Spanish? Surely not. There is a VERY good reason why we don't help if we do not have expertise in that field. Having me help you in Spanish (I'm a chemist and I don't know anything about spanish--except I think real is royal and camino is hiway but I'm not sure of that). Asking for help in Spanish from a chemist is just asking for BIG trouble unless the chemist is a Spaniard. But we do have people on these boards that know Spanish (and a lot of other languages) and they CAN and do help when they have time. So let's not throw this board all out of whack by suggesting that people who have NO expertise in a subject area get involved in that area. That's just not smart.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you posted something in Spanish I would be very happy to answer it. There are so few items that I may miss it! I look every morning and at least once every evening, but there is so much math or science, that it's hard to find them! Be sure the title is SPANISH to catch my eye!

P.S. Please show me a SPANISH posting (or FRENCH for that matter) that I have not answered? If it is merely labeled "homework help" be assured that I rarely even look at it!

I wasn't the original poster on this one. But I do have a question about this. There are times when I log back on here and notice a TON of messages I just could not get to read. Some of them, I may be able to help on.

If a person posts, goes back, and sees they have not received an answer and it has been about 2 days or so, is it ok for them to repost it? It's one thing if it's been an hour...don't do it then. I'm just thinking a day or two. I don't want to say "repost it" and just go against some rule or etiquette, so I'm asking.

Sra brought up a good point though. I look for "religion," "Theology," or something similar in the posts. I will occasionally look at a Spanish or Math question, since I am strong in that area as well. But if you put the subject of the class in the heading, it will have a better chance of getting read by someone that can help.

Also, something else. :) I have sometimes come across replies from people like "That is a hard question" or "we're taking the same class." I may skip over the question if I see it has a reply. I might not read it at all. If it has some replies, I figure it has been handled to some degree. Not always true, but often. So I'm not laying down any rule. Just telling you those things can distract me at times from helping. So asking, as a courtesy, to keep them to a minimum. Again, I'm just a poster here...not someone that has set up any rules or anything.


DrBob, SraJMcGin, and Matt have all brought up excellent points.

1. One of the most important things to do in getting your question read is to make sure there's an accurate SUBJECT in the Subject line. HELP or PLZ HLP or any of the other inane things a few people put in that subject line won't get them help any sooner, no matter how many exclamation points there are!

2. Yes, if your question hasn't been answered in a day or so, you should post it again. There's no harm in that. Most of the tutors (especially the math and science tutors) are kept so busy, I'm sure they rarely go back beyond the second page (at the bottom of the screen).

3. And an additional point of mine: When a student posts a question, PLEASE make it a question. If someone simply posts his or her assignment, without any question, it's often difficult to decide what kind of help the student needs. It's also difficult to help if what the student posts doesn't make sense. There's one of those this morning, called "sentences." I'm not really sure what is needed there. I've made a guess, but I'm not sure it's right.

And Matt's last point -- the useless things that a few people post, such as
"IDK" or "Do I know you?" or other nonsense like those, slow down the process -- and often result in unanswered questions.

Please continue to make Jiskha a wonderful website where students can get help.


Does anyone know who to do some math problems where you have to find the estimate?!I really need help A.S.A.P because this homework is due tomorrow April 23,2007!

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