1. Air pollutants can do all of the following EXCEPT:

A. damage the respiratory system.
B. enter the bloodstream and harm other parts of the body.
C. cause discoloration to your hair.
D. reduce your protection from the sun's radiation.***

2. True or False
Biodegradable waste threatens the health of humans.


3. True or False
Some air pollutants are harmful to the ozone layer.


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  1. 1.No

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  2. Answers that I got for Connexus:

    1. C
    2. false
    3. true

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  3. Yes C is correct

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  4. 100% thanks

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  5. Thanks Sid.V

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  6. 1.C

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  7. joijjoijjoijjoij

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  8. 100%!

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  9. Thanks 100%

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  10. i got a 2/3 @sid.v

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  11. 1.C
    Thanks connections academy whiz 100% correct

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