accounting for investments

Can someone check my answers.

-For each of the following eight situations, select the best answer concerning accounting for investments:
(A.) Increase the investment account.
(B.) Decrease the investment account.
(C.) Increase dividend revenue.
(D.) No adjustment necessary.

1.) Income reported by 40% owned investee. My answer A
2.) Income reported by 10% owned investee. My answer D.
3.) Loss reported by 40% owned investee. My answer B.
4.) Loss reported by 10% investee. My answer D
5.) Dividends received from 40% investee. My answer B
6.) Dividends received from 10% investee. My answer C
7.) Purchase of additional shares of investee. My answer A
8.) Unrealized-ending inventory profits using the equity method. My answer C

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asked by stumped

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