Can someone please tell me what four radioisotopes are used in medical diagnosis or treatment, and what their nuclear symbols are? Thanks.

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asked by Chloe
  1. I couldn't find a good site for you. The best is here; the others are too general and this one is not all that good.
    I-131 used for thyroid treatment.
    Tc-99 used for cardiovascular imaging.
    Co-60 irradiation as seed type implants or as radiation to a specific part of the body.
    P--?? I think it may be 32 but I'm not positive. Used in some cases to prepare phosphates that go to building bone. In this scenario it can be targeted to irradiate cancer cells in the bone.
    You can try searching on Google but these four may get you started.

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  2. Thank you so much DrBob222. This was very helpful.

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    posted by Chloe

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