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4x^2=8x-5 Please someone help

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  1. 4x^2 = 8x-5

    You must bring every term to one side of the equation. I would bring 8x - 5 to the left side. Don't forget change the sign of each term when crossing the equal sign.

    We now have this:

    4x^2 -8x + 5 = 0

    This is called a quadratic equation.

    The exponent of 2 gives this equation the name QUADRATIC.

    We now factor.

    I will try factoring by groups.

    I will multiply the coefficient of the x^2 term, which is 4 by the constant, which is 5.

    4 times 5 = 20

    Now, what other two numbers when multiplied together will yield 20 but when added will yield the coefficient of the middle term, which is -8?

    Well, -10 times 2 = -20...that will not work.

    Also, -2 times 10 = -20 and this will not work.

    What does this mean?

    This means that you have to use the quadratic formula to factor in this case because this quadratic equation cannot be factored by any other method.

    Do you know how to use the quadratic formula?

    If you do not,write back.

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    posted by Feliz

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