bobpursley please check

Good evening. Thanks for all of your help so far. I posted a question on wednesday 28 Feb @ 11:55 pm that you answered by I am not sure of how to tackle the problem. This is what I came up with so far.

Mass of Puck A m1 = 0.021 kg

Mag. of init. veloc.of Puck A V01=5.5kg (before collision occurs)

Directional angle of init vel of A is 65 degrees

Mass of Puck B m2 = 0.041 kg

Mag. of init. veloc. of Puck B V02= 0 (before collision occurs)

Directional angle of final veloc. of Puck B 37 degrees (after collision occurs)


Mag. of final veloc. of Puck A (after collision occur)

Mag of final veloc. of Puck B (after collision occurs)


Again, write the momentum equations in the x and y directions.

Here is a sample y equation:
ma*va*sin65= ma*va'*sinTheta + mb*vb'*sin37

So there are three variables here: va', theta, vb'

Write the same equation in the x direction.

Finally, the conservation of energy gives you the third equation.

Lots of math.

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