Please help if I did right! Thanks.

Whose brilliant idea was this anyway?" Sarah asked." If people were intended to sleep on the ground and cook over a fire, we wouldn't have beds and microwave ovens."
"Stop complaining," Emily said." At least you've got on dry clothes. You didn't end up walking through some (1)___vile_ mud because your canoe overturned. And you didn't have a(n) (2)____genial__ partner who claimed to know everything about canoeing but actually didn't know enough to steer around a rock."
"So I made a mistake l," George said, " We're all (3)____falliable___." "Well," Emily responded, " your mistake has lost us our tent. And our sleeping bags and clothes are saturated with muddy water."
Then Doug spoke up." It's no big deal. We didn't plan for this, but we can manage. Sara and I will lend you clothes, and you two can squeeze into our tent."
Squeyis right, " said Emily. " Four in one tent won't work- it just isn't feasible.We'll be so (4)___exhaustive____(e)d that we won't be able to exhale."
It's your choice," said Doug. " Decided if you want to be in a crowded tent or sleep out in this wild animal (5)_____habitat__."
Sarah couldn't resist adding. "If you had just listened to me this time and had been a bit more (6)___pragmatic____ when planning for this trip, we wouldn't be in such a mess.You would have written a(n) (7)___formulate___ list of what we would need, A to Z. Then you would have (8)___pritentious___ (e)d a clear plan for who would take what. Then we wouldn't be out here with two corkscrew but no plastic to wrap our belongings in."
"Let's just stop complaining before this degenerates into a shouting match. Instead, let try to be a little more (9)____reconcile__ with one another," said Doug. Right now, we need to (10)___constrict___ ourselves to our imperfect situation and not let it detract so much from our vacation that we forget to have a good time."

choices: A. Contrict B. Exhausted C. Fallible D. Formulate E.genial F. habitat G. Pragmatic H. Pretentious I. Reconcile J. vile

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  1. 4 is wrong.
    7 is wrong.
    8 is wrong.
    9 and 10 are wrong.

    Look up the words you don't know:


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  2. Please check
    4. Constrict 8 exhaustive 9. Pretentious 10. Reconcile

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  3. Oops!7. exhaustive 8. formulate

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  4. 1. vile
    2. pretentious
    3. fallible
    4. constrict
    5. habitat
    6. pragmatic
    7. exhaustive
    8. formulate
    9. genial
    10. reconcile

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