Please chrck my answer!

How does a galvanometer use a magnetic field to indicate the strength of an electric current?

When a current is passed through a magnetic field, it goes through a coil and to a galvanometer.

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  1. Seems right, to me.

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  2. Yes Mara is correct! :) Feel free to use her answer just use ur own words please!

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  3. 1. A
    2. C
    3. D
    4. C
    5. B
    6. D
    7. D
    8. B
    9. C
    10. B
    11. D
    12. D
    13. C
    14. C
    15. Repel..attract
    16. Circuit
    17. Bolt current
    18. North Pole
    19. Perpendicular
    20. Current
    21. Alternating currents
    22. In the middle
    23. Direct current flows in one direction .. alternating current can reverse direction
    24. Circuit breaker stops the flow of electricity
    25. Part of the Earth's magnetic field
    26. Positive particles go to negative pole and vise versa

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