5. Public Domain
How is the U.S Constitution portrayed in this cartoon?
A. always winning, despite attempts, to misinterpret it.
B. losing to anyone willing to study and use it.
C. too complex for any one person to interpret
D. willing to crush anyone who tried to leave the union.

6. Public Domain
Look at the graph. How do the union and confederate social cost compare?
A. fewer confederate men died from disease than union men, but the union had fewer deaths from wounds than the confederacy
B. Fewer union men were wounded than confederate men, but the confederacy had more deaths than the union
C. More confederate men died of diseases than from wounds, but the union had a number of deaths from diseases than from wounds.
D. More union men died than confederate men, but the union had more total forces than the confederacy

7. Which set of issues led to the civil war?
A. economics, religions, boundaries
B. Politics, slavery, voting rights
c. Slavery, politics, economics
D. voting rights, slavery, politics

My answers:
5. C
6. A
7. C

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  1. 5 and 6 -- Do you understand why we can't help you with these questions?

    7. C - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Since I can't see your cartoon or the graph, I have no idea about 1 and 2. You are correct on #3.

    It's very strange, but sometimes my superpowers fail and I can't see from my house to yours to see your pictures, cartoons, graphs, etc.

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  3. Give us the link to the cartoon to understand what you are talking about please. :)

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  4. Only a few tutors can post links here.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Oh, I thought that my computer wasn't compatible with links in this site. I didn't know it was for a few tutors. That clarifies a lot :0)

    Anyways, give us the name of the (probably) political cartoon and we'll google it.

    And I can't really tell ya what to do with the graph. . .so.

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  6. All that is on my test is Public domain. That is all that it says on my test

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  7. Sorry, but in that case, all they could help you with was the last question.

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  8. its fine. I thought that their would be some way for them to look it up and see if they could find them. Thanks for trying everyone.

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  9. You're a cheater

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  10. hey URTEA, take a freaking chill pill.

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  11. Urtea go down bleach !@#$%^&ing queer

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