In “The Lottery,” how does the fact that names are called and people select their piece of paper work to create suspense?

a. Readers know males draw the papers.
b. Readers watch every family participate.
c. Readers wonder what the papers signify.
d. Readers want to participate in the drawing.***

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asked by Kaai97
  1. "... create suspense?"

    I disagree.

  2. I think its C

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  3. By 11 smoking herbs and drinking burning liquor.

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    posted by Ms.sue
  4. Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure.

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    posted by Ms.sue
  5. the answer is A...... Jk yall dumb asf haha

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  6. says the one with the shawn Mendez username

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  7. I'm dying! XD

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    posted by omg
  8. Stoopid, i'm not gonna let you get the chance
    Shawn Mendez haedaz

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