If someone is using tobacco products for the first time, what symptoms might you expect them to have?

Brown stained fingers and teeth. (MY ANSWER)


Lung cancer.

Tooth decay.

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asked by LOVE
  1. I disagree. It takes many months and years for those stains to show up.

    Read your text. Someone here will check only one more answer.

  2. Never mind tar causes A. My answer is tooth decay.

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    posted by LOVE
  3. No.

    You're on your own now.

  4. Hey, the correct answer is dizziness! I just did the quiz and I got the answer right!

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    posted by Kaden
  5. Ms. Sue, you should at least Explain it to them to help them understand the question or To help them get the correct answer, instead of saying "No, Your on your own now." That Is kinda rude, and that does not help them get the correct answer if your not explaining anything or even helping.... sorry if that was rude... I do not mean to offend you... sorry ;-;

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  6. it is dizziness

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  7. Mrs. Sue ,i don't mean to be rude but if your a teacher you should be nicer to people actually HELP ;-; sorry

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