World History

What immediate effect will the pieds-noirs have on these native Algerians' lives?

A. They will become factory or commercial farm workers.******

B. They will be forced to fight for their freedom.

C. They will relocate to France and learn modern skills.

D. They will gain an education at newly built schools in their homeland.
What prompted Indians to relocate to London and the United Kingdom?

A availability of work in the metropole******

B. attraction to British culture and life

C. unsettled conflicts with the pieds-noirs

D. desire to obtain rural tracts of land
Advances in which of the following areas increased globalization the most?

A. technology, environmental protection, education

B. technology, transportation, outsourcing

C. education, technology, transportation******

D. education, outsourcing, trade blocs
Which of the following is a negative aspect of American and European consumerism?

A. People from "Third World" countries want the same products that others want.

B. The European Union (EU) faces a serious debt crisis, and it is not yet resolved.

C. Chinese workers will work long hours for lower wages than most Western workers.******

D. Free trade agreements (FTAs) often hurt developing nations and help the West
What is a common trait among developed nations?

A. A multicultural society

B. A national language

C. A high per-capita income******

D. A highly agricultural society
Cultural diffusion was most advanced by

A. necessary improvements in medical technology

B. post-World War II occupation and education reform

C. nation rebuilding and multi-national organizations

D. the contact of business people with foreign cultures******
Free trade agreements (FTAs) led most directly to which of the following outcomes?

A. better working conditions******

B. educational reforms

C. cultural diffusion

D. immigration
All of following are true about how the European Union differs from NAFTA except

A. The European Union has a common currency and NAFTA does not.******

B. The European Union has social goals where NAFTA does not.

C. The European Union has political goals where NAFTA does not.

D. The European Union has tariffs where NAFTA does not.
In what way will membership in the Europe Union most benefit candidate nations?

A. economically

B. religiously

C. politically

D. socially******

Please Check my answers

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  1. Just so everyone knows, 7, 8, and 9 are wrong

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