social studies

what is the dividing line between east & west in the usa and how are those two regions different?

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  1. i think the dividing line is the mississippi river?? idk.

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    posted by shannon
  2. Shannon's right. The dividing line between the eastern and western parts of the U.S. is usually considered the Mississippi.

    One difference I've noticed in my travels is that east of the Mississippi, junk trees and weeds grow everywhere they can, especially along railroad tracks. West of the Mississippi, you see very little vegetation except for what people have planted. The exceptions are the Great Plains which originally had native grasses and forested areas of mountains.

    The east is more heavily populated with many large cities and family farms, while the west has fewer large cities and agriculture is often concentrated on rangeland for cattle.

  3. However in the fall, the maple leaves as they turn in the East can't be beaten by the leaves in the West! It's the beautiful shades of red that I miss on the West Coast.


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