English Essay Thesis

Here's my thesis for an essay on the Scarlet Letter.

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne creates Pearl as an allegory of Hester Prynne’s anima, a character foil unrestricted by circumstantial limits aggrandized by Hawthorne’s use of Pearl as a foil to the scarlet letter itself.


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asked by Sahil
  1. I think it's fine. But make sure you can support it in your body paragraphs, otherwise having such a complicated thesis is worthless.

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    posted by RJ
  2. I think it is totally nonsense.

  3. http://www.onelook.com/?w=nonsense&ls=a

  4. I agree with Bobpursley. You've used many big words that basically say nothing.

    Be sure you're clear on the meanings and uses of these words:



    Noun definition #3.

    And from then on, your "sentence" makes no sense to me at all. Try rephrasing in better, more straightforward words. If I ever saw sentences like this in my students' writing, I asked them to explain themselves to me without having their papers in front of them. Can you do that? And make sense?


  5. Instead of one long sentence, there is no rule that says a thesis statement can not consist of two sentenes.

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    posted by Brandon
  6. I agree with BobPursley and Writeacher entirely!!!!

    I think Shakespeare said it well, "sound and fury signifying nothing".

    What did you really want to say before you found all those big words? Pretend your teacher doesn't have a dictionary, and be as simple and straightforward as possible in telling what Pearl's purpose in the book is.

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