geometry (check answers)

fill in the blanks with sometimes, always, or never.
A square is always a rectangle.
A square is sometimes a rhombus.
A rhombus is sometimes a square.
A parallelogram is never a trapezoid.
A trapezoid is never a kite.
A rhombus is never a rectangle

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asked by tyla
  1. how can a rhombus be sometimes a square, but never a rectangle?

    a square is always a rhombus

    a rhombus is sometimes a square
    so, a rhombus is sometimes a rectangle, since a square is always a rectangle.

    as for trapezoids, some places define them as a quadrilateral with at least one pair of equal sides. If that is your definition, then a parallelogram is just a special case of a trapezoid.

    If you allow the two pairs of congruent sides of a kite to be the same length, then a rhombus is a kite, and could also be a trapezoid.

    Check the way your text defines the various shapes.

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    posted by Steve

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