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Which of the following has the highest boiling point? (Think of intermolecular forces)
CHCl3, CH4, CH2Cl2, CH2I2, CHBr3, CHI3

Ive tried to answer this question twice and have one attempt left. Here's what I've done:

-Boiling Point: -61.2 Degrees C
-Molar Mass: 118 g/mol
-Intermolecular force: Dipole-Dipole

BP: -161.5
MM: 16
IF: London Dispersion

MM: 84
IF: Dipole-Dipole

BP: 181
MM: 268
IF: Dipole-Dipole

BP: 150 Celsius
MM: 253
IF: Dipole-Dipole

BP: 218 Celsius
MM: 395
IF: Dipole-Dipole

My first attempt was CHI3 since it has biggest mass, and highest boiling point and that was wrong. My second attempt was CHCl3 but that was wrong as well. I really don't get why CHI3 isn't the answer. Can someone explain this to me?

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  1. You have looked up all of the boiling point and if you have copied them correctly, then CHI3 must be the right answer. It doesn't matter about intermol forces when you have the boiling points listed. 218 is 218.

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