History help me plsssss

In 1939, British politician Winston Churchill uttered these words: "Between shame and war, we have chosen shame, and we will get war." To what was Churchill referring?

Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler at Munich
Hitler's annexation of Austria (the Anschluss)
the Czech leaders' refusal to accept a peace deal
the U.S. refusal to help Britain early in World War II

is it d pls help me

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asked by Oscar
  1. Nope!

    Only one of these answers refer to something Britain might be ashamed of.

  2. is it a?

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    posted by Oscar
  3. Yes. Chamberlain was a British leader who wanted to achieve a peaceful solution to Hitler's aggression.

  4. Thank you so much!!!

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    posted by Oscar
  5. You're very welcome.

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