The picture shows a red rectangle split into 5 equal parts and a green rectangle split into 8 equal parts. Drag figures to each box so that their total area is equal to the number given.
Math item stem image

72 ft2
200 ft2
123 ft2

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asked by Lilian
  1. Cannot drag on these posts.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  2. Anyone gonna answer

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  3. U put 8 squares in the box for 200ft2

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  4. this problem confused me and anonymous why did you say die

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    posted by miley
  5. Anyone get the answer for the 123?

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  6. 1 you can't see my face
    2 i bet if you look in the mirror it breaks
    3 learn to roast better noob

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    posted by your mom
  7. 72 is 6 triangles

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    posted by bleh

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