6th gr GRAMMAR

why is :

she is one of the few quaterbacks who (is/are) ready for prime time

the answer is "are" why is that correct? shouldnt it be is because she is one=singular?

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asked by Cory
  1. few quarterbacks who are ready.

    few quarterbacks are plural.

  2. but that's a prepositional phrase, ithought those don't matter in determining the plurality of a verb

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    posted by Cory
  3. Bobpursley is right: "quarterbacks" is plural, so "who" is also plural, and the verb that goes with "who" needs to be plural, too.

    The main clause is this:
    "She is one of the few quarterbacks"

    The relative clause that modifies "quarterbacks" is this:
    "who are ready for prime time."

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  4. so youre saying that prep phrases matter now?

    so youre saying: everyone of those flyers are green instead of is?

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    posted by Cory
  5. I really hate to disagree with my colleagues, but I agree with you, Cory. I think the correct verb is "is."

    She is one of the few quarterbacks who (is/are) ready for prime time.

    This sentence is talking about one person and therefore should take a singular verb.

  6. well, i think i'm wrong b/c the answer says it's 'are'. i don't get why tho..

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    posted by Cory
  7. I see what Ms. Sue means, and the sentence can be taken in a couple of ways. I took it this way:

    There are a few quarterbacks ready for prime time, and she is one of them.

    She is one of the few quarterbacks (<~~main clause) who (antecedent is "quarterbacks") are ready for prime time.

    I know it can be taken both ways, but if the answer you are given is "are" then that is the explanation. It rests on what the antecedent of "who" is -- "quarterbacks" or "she"?

  8. Thank you, Writeacher. I puzzled over this for some time before I posted. The best advice for someone writing this sentence is don't! Find another way of saying exactly what you mean. <g>

  9. Exactly! It's not a good sentence to include on a grammar quiz or assignment!

  10. oh, it was an SAT question so i had no choice... thank you!

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    posted by Cory
  11. Cory -- why is your subject 6th gr GRAMMAR when the question was from SAT?

    This was misleading and deceptive.

  12. because it was a 6th grade grammar question on my book- they labled it as a 6th grade level. sorry to mislead you.

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    posted by Cory

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