How do I simplify this:
(The ^ symbol means 3)


I tried it,and got-8,however when I
rechecked my work I got -64. Please help!

Please help!

where is the other } in the equation? And ^ means to the power so -2^3 would be minus 2 to the 3rd power. Please rewrite your problem so it makes sense.


the ^ means 2 to the 3rd power

order of operations:
start inside { } and do powers 1st. so -2 times -2 times -2= -8

Then still inside { } next:
5 times -4= -20
then add the -8 = -28

So now it looksa like
now multiply -3 times 12 so it looks like
-36 - {-28}
Then a double - turns -28 to + 28
so -36 +28= -8
I think this is the right answer. There are far better math helpers here than me, so maybe they will double chek me.

please help

-3(12)-{5(4)-2^^^ (to the third power)

Sorry wrote problem wrong.

-3(12)-{5(-4)-2^ ^ ^}

the ^ symbol means to the third power

can someone simplify this for me?

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