math help

I need help factoring this out


okay so now after revising

(3a-1)(2a )

the last part i don't know how to actually get -5 and 1

Factoring is not my strong suit. However, by the term "+1", you know that both of the signs in your parenthesis are going to be the same (both positive or both negative). By the term "-5a", it's a pretty good guess they'll be negative, because you can't get a negative number by multiplying two positives. So start like this:

( - )( - )

You started off right with the 3a and the 2a. For the last term (+1), you need two factors that will give you 1. The only choices are 1 and 1 or -1 and -1.

You'll find the solution to be
(3a - 1 )(2a - 1 )

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