Please Please HELP!!!! I need the answer to this and i've worked it out but I don't know if it is correct... Please check my answer!!!!

The polygons are regular polygons. Find the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth.

I can't post a picture of it but it shows a larger square with a smaller square inside it at the middle, and it shows the radius of the larger square to be 9 cm and the radius of the small square to be 4 cm. The smaller square is no shaded inside the larger square and you are supposed to the find the shaded region which is the area of the smaller square minus the area of the larger square. Also the area of the larger square includes the area of the small square.

I REALLY hope that was clear enough....

The answer i got was 130 cm^2.... PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU!!

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asked by Becca
  1. what is the "radius" of a square? Circles have a radius. Squares have a side and a diagonal.

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    posted by Steve

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