U.S history

Please check my answers!

Which of the following was not a purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
A. List grievances against the king.
B. Denounce the king as a tyrant.
C. Establish the Bill of Rights.
D. Embrace the enlightenment ideas of natural rights.
I think it is D (or C, but I lean more towards D)

Anti-Federalists wanted the Constitution to provide __
A. Strong central government.
B. Unlimited executive power.
C. A Bill of Rights protecting basic liberties.
D. More power in the hands of Congress
I think it might be A? (I know what they opposed so it's not C)

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asked by sage
  1. #1 is NOT D. "We hold these rights..." is very much an enlightenment idea.

    #2. You are mistaken here. The Anti-Federalists were anti- what? Were they not in favor of most rights remaining with the states and the individual citizen?

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    posted by Reed
  2. C was much later than the Declaration, in individual states then as Amendments 1 - 10 of US Constitution after Rev War.
    So C

    I am not at all sure I agree with you on the second one, think exactly the opposite
    note the word ANTI- Federalist

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    posted by Damon
  3. For the second question I don't really agree with any of the answers given on the test. According to my school (directly from the study guide) an Anti-Federalist is someone who opposed the ratification of the constitution.

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    posted by sage
  4. An anti-Federalist opposed a powerful central government. The balance of powers between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches was part of the work of the anti-Federalists.

  5. Thanks for the help, I think I know the answer now!

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    posted by sage
  6. You're welcome.

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