What type of relationship is shown between the x- and y-values on the graph?

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asked by Jonah
  1. We can't see your graph.

  2. 1. What type of relationship is shown between the x- and y-values on the graph? (1 point)

    C.clustering**** relationship

    2. What type of relationship is shown between the x- and y-values on the graph? (1 point)

    C.clustering relationship

    3. Part A What type of relationship is shown between the x- and y-values on the graph? (3 points)

    C.clustering relationship

    Part B Which statements are true about the data shown in the graph? (3 points)

    A. As the x-values increase, the y-values increase.****
    B. The rate of change in the graph is constant.****
    C. The data shows a negative trend.
    D. The graph shows several outliers.****

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  3. ^^^ Those answers ARE correct, but for some reason number 3 part A says there are 1/3 points... Even though there is only one avaliable point. Just a crazy miskate the school made.

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  4. Yea it gave me a 6/8 because part A says 1/3 but there is only 1 point available But just like Anonymous said its the school's fault but ( Im Correct ) answers are 100% just that you won't get 100% on the test youll get a 75% which is basically a 100%

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  5. Yeah, I have found MANY mistakes since my 4 years at Connections academy!

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    posted by Unknown

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