Hi again, has anyone taken the Lesson 20: East and Southeast Asia Unit Test cause im freaking out cause its so hard. Anyone, plz help me.

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  1. How on earth would a bunch of retired teachers have the slightest idea what book you have or even what country you live in ?

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    posted by Damon
  2. Do you have one or two specific questions about this test?

  3. sheesh Damon bq if ur an adult, u havnt the slightest idea on what im goin through :(

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  4. a

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    posted by CHANEL
  5. Are these right?

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  6. Obviously not. It’s nowhere near 20 questions or 15 whatever how much it is

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  7. 1 . A
    2 . C
    3 . A
    4. Democracy : Cyprus, lebanon
    Monchary : Saudi arabia, qatar
    5. flawed democracy and diverse
    6. A
    7. B
    8. A
    9. C
    10; IDK
    11. Fertile farmland
    16. A
    do the other 4 questions on your own.
    Correct answers!!

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    posted by right
  8. right is 100 correct

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    posted by danny
  9. Yall cheatin do the online textbook there is everything you need this will mess you up for life your cheating

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    posted by jhg
  10. I don’t care take your negativity somewhere else

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  11. can anyone help me with the East and Southeast Asia Practice im about to cry because i know i will fail

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  12. i need help with the connections accademey version of it pls somone help:(

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  13. For connections Unit test it is:


    2)Command Economy has: Mongolia during the cold war
    North Korea During the Cold War
    China during the Cold War
    Market Economy: Japan during the Cold War
    South Korea during the Cold War
    Taiwan during the Cold War

    3)Buddhism: Emphasizes mediation to achieve enlightenment
    Confucianism: emphasizes loyalty, discipline, and order
    Daoism: emphasizes harmony with nature
    Shinto: believes in nature spirits

    4) 1st one is homogenous
    The 2nd one is Aino
    the 3rd one is Mongol and Manchu

    5) Command economy is: The government decides how much of an item should be produced.
    Legal policies are put into place that control prices.
    Market economy: has the other two on the page (sentence starts with Business and price) sorry I am lazy asf to type all of it.

    6) Japan has: parliamentary democracy
    North Korea has: communist autocracy
    South Korea: presidential democracy
    Taiwan: semi- presidential democracy

    7) Causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.



    10) A


    12) Balinese first, then Indonesia second

    13) Malaysia: citizens vote in elections, but the government limits democratic freedoms.
    East Timor: Citizens Vote in relatively free and democratic elections.



    16) B,C,G

    there all correct I promise, make sure to give a thumbs up afterward :)

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