The time t (in seconds) that it takes for an object to fall a distance of s feet is given by the formula

t = radical symbol s /4

In some places, the Grand Canyon is one mile (5,280 feet) deep. How long would it take a stone dropped over the edge of the canyon to hit bottom?

would the answer be

18 or 26 seconds?

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  1. I get neither of those. Put this into the google search window:


    Finally, your formula is not accurate.

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  2. ok i got


    thank you

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  3. would the formula be

    t = sqrt of 5280/4?

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  4. for a sense check - check in SI units!

    1 mile is approx 1600 metres, a is approx 10 m s^-2


    t = sqrt(2 x 1600/10)

    t= sqrt(320)

    t is approx 18 (8x sqrt5)

    or have I made a mistake?

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  5. Jennifer
    I answered this same question for you yesterday.

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  6. d = (1/2)g t^2
    in feet, seconds units g = 32 ft/s^2 approximately
    d = 16 t^2
    t^2 = d/16
    t = (1/4)(sqrt d)
    if d = 5280
    t = .25 (sqrt 5280)
    = .25 * 72.7
    =18.2 seconds

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