American History

What did John Kerry view as a chief disservice to returning soldiers that illustrated that they were unwanted by America.

A. Americans viewed soldiers with distrust, and the administration viewed them with apathy.

B.Soldiers returned with psychological injuries that were not treated.

c.Most returning soldiers were unable to secure steady jobs.

D.Young soldiers were deceived into completing more tours of duty than contractually agreed upon.

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asked by Angie
  1. My answer is B

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    posted by Angie
  2. And your answer is? We'll check your work, not give you the answers, Angie. If your text materials are unreadable, read some of these links:

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    posted by Reed
  3. Read his testimony before Congress and find out if B is correct or not.

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    posted by Reed
  4. My answer is B

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    posted by Angie

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