Regular pentagons A and B are similar. The apothem of Pentagon A equals the radius of Pentagon B. Compare the areas.

The area of Pentagon A is equal to 1.49 times the area of Pentagon B.
The area of Pentagon B is equal to 1.49 times the area of Pentagon A.
The area of Pentagon A is equal to 1.53 times the area of Pentagon B.
The area of Pentagon B is equal to 1.53 times the area of Pentagon A.

There is no diagram. I'm having a hard time solving this, please help? Thanks

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  1. DId you get the answers?

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  2. For a pentagon with radius r, the apothem is a = r cos 36° = 0.8090r

    So, the radius of B is .8090 the radius of A.

    So, B's area is .8090^2 the area of A.

    So, A's area is 1.53 times the area of B.

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  3. i have no idea

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