Complete the following equilibrium reactions that are pertinent to an aqueous solution of Ag2CO3. Physical states, s, l, g, and aq, are optional.

So far I worked it out to be:

Ag2CO3(s) <--> 2Ag^+ + CO3^(2-)

H2CO3(aq) + H2O(l) <--> H3O^(1+) + (HCO3)^(-)

HCO3^(-)(aq) + H2O(l) <--> H2CO3 + OH

2H2O(l) <--> 2H2 + O2

Not sure where I went wrong.

asked by Craig
  1. Anyone please?

    posted by Craig
  2. The first two equations you have are correct. In the third equation HCO3^(-)(aq) still acts as an acid in the reaction, therefore donates a proton (a.k.a H+) to it's conjugate base which becomes the carbonate poly ion CO3(-2) and the liquid water is a base in this reaction which means it gains a proton becoming the conjugate acid H3O(+)
    So,HCO3^(-)(aq) + H2O(l) <--> CO3(-2)(aq) + H3O(+)(L)
    And the last one is something about the autoprotolysis of water that is considered in this reaction. Not sure what that means but i'll give you the answer.
    2H2O(l) <--> H3O(+)(aq) + OH(-)(aq)

    posted by anonymous

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