Find service area of a cylinder
Formula = 2(pi x r^2) + 2(pi)(r)(H)

Diameter = 1ft.
Height = 4ft.

2(3.14 x 6^2) + 2(3.14)(6)(4)
2(113.04) + 6.28 x 24
226.08 + 150.72
SA = 376.8 ft.

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asked by Sue
  1. You have to use all feet or all inches
    r = 0.5 feet NOT 6 inches

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    posted by Damon
  2. 2(3.14 x 0.25) + 2(3.14)(.5)(4)

    answer in feet^2

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    posted by Damon
  3. Phil had a pizza that was divided into 8 equal parts she ate 3 of them Dan has a pizza that is the same size but his is divided into 4 equal parts who ate more pizza

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  4. 3/4 = .75
    3/8 = .375
    which is bigger?

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    posted by Damon

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