1.if 3 out of 24 marked scripts have mathematical error and 5 are to be randomly selected for audit,what is the probability that none of the marked scripts with mathematical errors will be chosen?

2.ten identical PCs are in the inventory of a dealer,one has a hidden defect.if 3 are to be shipped,and the computers are selected in such a way that each has the same probability of being shipped,find
I.the number of ways in which 3 of the 10 PCs can be selected for shipment.
II.the total number of ways in which 3 of the 10PCs can be selected so that the one with the hidden defect will be included for shipment.
III.the probability that the computer with the hidden defect will be shipped.

asked by Ibrahim
  1. 1. Number of marked scripts with mathematical errors=3.
    2. Number of marked scripts without mathematical errors= 24-3 = 21
    3. The probability of selecting 5 scripts without mathematical errors = 5/21 = 0.24.

    posted by Haruna

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