1.if 3 out of 24 marked scripts have mathematical error and 5 are to be randomly selected for audit,what is the probability that none of the marked scripts with mathematical errors will be chosen?

2.ten identical PCs are in the inventory of a dealer,one has a hidden defect.if 3 are to be shipped,and the computers are selected in such a way that each has the same probability of being shipped,find
I.the number of ways in which 3 of the 10 PCs can be selected for shipment.
II.the total number of ways in which 3 of the 10PCs can be selected so that the one with the hidden defect will be included for shipment.
III.the probability that the computer with the hidden defect will be shipped.

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asked by Ibrahim
  1. 1. Number of marked scripts with mathematical errors=3.
    2. Number of marked scripts without mathematical errors= 24-3 = 21
    3. The probability of selecting 5 scripts without mathematical errors = 5/21 = 0.24.

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    posted by Haruna

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