math help pls pls pls

Choose the polynomial written in standard form.

x^3y^2 + 4x^4y + 10x^9

x^4y^2 + 4x^4y^5 + 10x^2

xy^2 + 4x^3y^8 + 10x^2

x^4y^5 + 4x^3y^2 + 10x^2

is it the last one pls help

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  1. yes, the last one.

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  2. Assuming you know what the standard form is (highest degree first), then can you determine the degree of each term? Just add exponents of all the variables.

    what if two terms have the same degree? I have checked a few discussions, and none mentions that wrinkle. Check your text or teacher. Usually I list the variables in order decreasing powers.

    So, for these, I'd say only the last is in standard form. The first I'd write as

    10x^9 + 4x^4y + x^3y^2
    so that the last two terms, both of degree 5, have the x's in descending order.

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